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University Development

National Cheng Kung University

Development Programs

Latest Achievements

With the regard to results of recent years, NCKU has divided the school’s targets into 6 categories: “Deepening the Translation of High-Quality Research,” “Developing Technologies that Care for Human Nature,” “Using Scientific Research Achievements to Guide National Policies,” “Developing World-Class Industry-Academia Cooperation,” “Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” that is in line with international standards, and “Implementing the Global Location and Social Innovation.”

Future Strategic Developments

NCKU puts special emphasis on the development of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for the year 2030. NCKU integrates resources and leads the various departments to formulate the goals and strategies of the development plan with global perspective, in combination of human beings and environment.

NCKU work with the international community to challenge the old a logic of economic growth and take balance, health, food, poverty, education, and climate change into account for the improvement of the quality of human life and symbiotic relationship between life and nature.

To implement the philosophy, mission, vision and development goals, we specifically formulate “Interdisciplinary Curriculum on Problem Solving,” “Excellent Research for Sustainable Development” and “Social Responsibility for the Promotion of Urban Development and Human Well-Being.” In the midterm Development Program of NCKU, the educational “Goal,” “Strategy” and "Action" are formulated as following within the energy of imaginative thinking.


Cross-domain teaching centered on problem solving


E-PCK depth combination

Teaching model reengineering


  1. College Standard E-PCK(Educational Pedagogical Content Knowledge, E-PCK)
  2. E-PCK integration platform
  1. Cross-disciplinary core culture
  2. Research and teaching integration
  3. Graduate student cross-domain learning
  4. Geese learning
  5. NCKU Study Program


Leading the study of sustainable development


Inquisitive academic research

Out of the ivory tower link production and research


  1. Renew R&D infrastructure and lay out talents for production and research
  2. Develop key technologies and optimize featured areas
  3. Develop "Taiwan Studying" as the main axis for the development of human social research
  4. Combining the advantages of the international partner universities in the R&D field
  1. Establish an international industry-academia alliance
  2. To increase the scale of cooperation between industry and universities with the innovation and R&D base for international corporate campuses
  3. Promote campus innovation and entrepreneurship
  4. Improve the flexibility and value of business and academic operations


University Social Responsibility for Urban Development and Human Well-Being


The borderless university combined with the depth of Tainan City

Adhering to the world's academic people who care for human well-being


  1. Deep work study
  2. Promote College X
  3. Production and Research studio
  1. Social Awareness Course
  2. University City Smart Life Lab
  3. Human Sustainability Institute USR
  4. University social responsibility
  5. Studying all over Taiwan